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Problem Addressed

Today ATMs have become an important part of the delivery channel for banks. Ensuring that they run efficiently throughout the day/night requires a great effort on the part of the banks and it’s partner vendors. Apart from several problems being faced, ensuring that these ATMs have electrical power at all times can be a tough call especially in states/districts, which are deficit in power. This problem is further aggravated in semi-urban and rural areas.

It has been observed that power is available in these places for 3 to 4 hours only, in a 24 hours cycle, at unpredictable time of day/night in bits and pieces. Many a times, even if the power is there, the Grid voltage is so low that it is as good as not available. Consequently, the UPS batteries are not charged sufficiently, resulting in the ATM being down for several hours in a stretch.

This ultimately results in a huge revenue loss for the banks as your customers start using other bank’s ATM. There can be significant loss on account of Issuer Transactions and a loss as well of the revenue opportunity on account of missed Acquirer Transactions. It also results in customer dissatisfaction and in-efficient use of the infrastructure created by the bank.

Solution Offered

Brief Offered

To fight the problem in power shortage or failure that leads to the malfunctioning of the ATMs in the semi-urban and rural areas, Isoft Technologies Ltd. innovates a realistic and guaranteed solution. We offer availability of power to your bank’s ATMs and Branches all the time as solving the shortage of electricity of the ATMs and branches of any bank is our prime objective. To enable the ease of work, we offer solar power to ATMs across India, especially in the semi-urban and the rural areas where there is always power failure that results into incompetent functioning of the branches and ATMs of the banks. With our solar UPS backup, we ensure that no power failure can disturb the ATM experience for our customers.

Solution we Offer

As a company, Isoft Technology Ltd. runs with the philosophy of having transparency, efficiency and aspiration at and for work. Our skilled workforce has been working dexterously in bringing about changes in the finances and its transaction structure with installing Solar ATMs in India, and especially in the rural and semi-urban locations.

We understand the immediate and 24 hour response that is expected as well as required from the ATMs around any location. The rural and the semi-urban areas suffer mostly because of the frequent power cuts that happen in these areas. Using solar power to ATMs in India, the issue of irregular availability of transaction facilities in these ATMs can be easily warded off.

The vision of Isoft Technology Ltd. is to see every nook and corner having Solar ATM in India, so that no power failure can deter transactions at any point, no matter how remote the area is. For those regions where grid power is available at times only for 3-4 hours, having solar ATM banks in India enables smooth banking and ATM transactions during the peak hours daily.

Providing solar UPS ATMs in India, Isoft offers unique value proposition that is backed up by up-to-date technological support. Here is an intelligent controller guaranteeing up time by monitoring and managing station using a SIM card that not only ensures regular check on the real time power supply through technology but, safety of the bank as well.

  • To fight power shortage or power failure issue that leads to malfunctioning of ATMs in semi-urban and rural areas, Isoft comes in offering 24X7 power solutions to banks and their ATMS on demand.
  • Solar ATMs in India is the call of this hour to ensure effective and sustainable banking solutions through the ATMs. Isoft technologies endeavors to bring about cost effective, result oriented and practical solutions to meet with the existing problem faced by innumerable banks in swift operations of ATMs at the semi-urban or rural areas owing to irregular power supply.
  • Isoft guarantees 24X7 power back up the year through, which means zero transaction loss due to power failure. If the grid power remains available only for 3 to 4 hours in a 24 hours cycle, it is sufficient for the system we have to acquire back up and deliver unhindered power supply.
  • We have been providing up-to-date technology for our unique value proposition through our solar bank ATMs. We ensure guaranteed up time through intelligent controller that manages as well as monitors the energy supplying devices that are existing and thereby ensures not only a regular check on the real time power supply through our technology, but the safety of the bank network as well.

  • Key Benefits

    There are more than one benefits of using our technology of solar ATMs such as:

  • Uninterrupted power back-up and supply in the solar ATM using the solar energy to run the systems.
  • Customer service and back up in offering power solutions in rural and semi-urban Bank ATMs.
  • Practical and worthy utilization of the already existing infrastructure, tapping the resource of grid power for 3 to 4 hours in a 24 hour cycle and offering solar power for ATM running in the rural areas in India.
  • Help in creating additional capacity for bank’s infrastructure to help in acquiring more business without further additional costs to solve electricity problems in Bank ATMs.
  • No Capex for the project.