Solar Power Solution For Bank

Realizing that ATM uptime and uninterrupted branch operation was a much more important issue, it was decided to do extensive field trials for the developed solution. The solution was sufficiently stress tested for various power scenarios such as non-availability of grid power, grid available for 3-4 hours a day, harnessing power from low quality grid in remote areas, which gave low frequency / voltage. Low/high voltage supplied by grid etc.

The only way these challenges could be met was to use the best components globally. It was decided that any contributor to efficiency, what so ever small or negligible should not be compromised but should be harnessed as collectively, all these put together would be contributor to ATM uptime and availability.


In 2011, a survey was done on the Banking system where it was concluded that Banks are facing acute power shortage in Rural/Semi urban areas and existing systems installed in Branches/ATMs, were not capable to provide smooth power during required timings. This was the period when all Banks were enhancing their ATM Network, throughout India. From the survey it was also revealed that service support in far remote area was very poor. From this we come to know that there was immense potential for a reliable, highly efficient and a system which could work in worse case power scenario through Solar Based system for bank ATMs and branches especially in Rural/Semi-Urban areas. This was an area where banks could not identify a viable solution in the past.


Remote Monitoring System:

To provide guaranteed uptime, it is necessary to have realtime solar system data. The system installed by us, are capable to send data to NOC on regular interval, about the health of the system. Our NOC work round the clock and take pre-emptive action, wherever required. The data so collected is independent of Bank’s Network.

Ground Support:

Apart from the cutting edge technology deployed, we have an extensive ground support personnel who are fully trained to service the ATM& branch sites, to attend the downtime calls whenever they arise. We cannot afford to keep any site down more than necessary.We have sufficient spares locally available. Even though our downtime is minimal, we also keep spare UPS/full set of controller at strategic cluster locations, which is used to replace the damaged equipment, where the same cannot be serviced easily or quickly.


Benefits of Solar Power System for Bank

  • The Solar energy becomes the primary source of power, whereas the  Electricity are secondary source –thereby eliminating generators
  • It is cost effective and does not require expensive regular supply of diesel.
  • The energy is clean and steady with no fluctuations; therefore there is much fewer hardware/software downtime and parts damage.
  • The branch is under constant monitoring thru the Remote monitoring capability. We strive to give better uptime than the 98%
  • The system installed by us shall be sufficient to provide power to all computers/ networking equipment /CCTV/lights and fans so that the branch is able to provide complete service even during power outages.
  • Integrated Advance Warning System alerts the branch about low battery 1 hr in advance.
  • Solar Energy is environment friendly .